Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A poor foundation

It frustrates me so that, despite drawing for a good number of years, I cannot even get the basics right.

I have a very poor sense of anatomy. I've concentrated too much on facial structures (even this, I cannot properly construct a correct, realistic human face) and the small "glitter" aspects of my drawings that I've failed to realize how important the basics are.

Hands? Feet? Knees? Proper perspective? Environments? Flora or Fauna? I know nothing about these things and a whole lot more.

I don't think I've really had a good foundation when it comes to illustrating. It's one of those things that I've always put aside because I thought that I could just "wing it".

Alas, now I need to find time to actually learning everything from scratch.


JJacks said...

I've always thought that your art was good Tube and I still look up to you. I have similar feelings which is why I went way back to the basics last year. I never hurts to practice the fundamentals! Just keep enthusiastic and don't put yourself down too hard.

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